Silver Mesh Caravan Screens

World Famous Aluminet "Cool Shade" Silver Mesh is a highly reflective Aluminized Knitted Shade Fabric that provides significantly cooler shade. 70% shade factor controls more air circulation and provides uniform shade. Silver Eagle's Aluminet Privacy Screen is an ideal Caravan / RV accessory to add to your Roll Out or Box Awning. Silver Mesh Caravan ScreensThis lightweight Reflective screen is simply installed by threading the inbuilt spline along the annexe track / groove into the awning.

Provides effective uniform shading Reflects/blocks radiant heat flow UV resistant, bright, reflective, and recyclable metalized HDPE screen

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3.6m wide x 2m drop
3.9m wide x 2m drop
4.2m wide x 2m drop
4.5m wide x 2m drop
4.8m wide x 2m drop
5.1m wide x 2m drop