Silver Mesh Gazebo Walls

World Famous Aluminet "Cool Shade" is a highly reflective Aluminized Knitted Shade Fabric that provides significantly cooler shade by reducing heat build-up inside your marquee/gazebo, crate, patio or anywhere you require ventilated shade. 70% shade factor controls more air circulation and provides uniform shade. Silver Mesh Gazebo Walls


  • Top panel: 5cm canvas for sturdiness and strength
  • Top attachment: Velcro loops
  • Bottom panel: 10cm Rip-stop PVC (resistant to moisture)
  • Bottom attachment: Eyelets
  • Side Webbing: 2.5cm heavy duty Black
  • Side attachment: Velcro loop

Aluminet® Main Features: UV resistant Bright reflective double-side IR reflection Lightweight and easy to attach Recyclable metalized HDPE screen.

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2.4m wide x 2m drop
3.0m wide x 2m drop
4.8m wide x 2m drop
6.0m wide x 2m drop